web / branding / print

This project involved logo development as well as online and printed marketing material which subsequently led to the creation of The Runway Plus website.

The Runway Plus

We were approached by TheRunway+ to provide branding and website development. The website needed to be informative, to highlight plus size clothing and general up to date fashion trends within the industry. The stakeholder also requested blogging capabilities to initiate a voice of the website that would give style advice, trends to look out for and upcoming fashion events. We created style boards, logos with multiple variations and several site concepts.


We conducted several studies to analyze the competitive landscape, test the target market and get a clear picture of how fashion enthusiasts are engaging the community. We specifically wanted to give them the information they wanted with an experience that they felt comfortable and familiar with. Because of the large volume of stories, the goal was to find a way to arrange this information in a clean, structured way to streamline navigation. Another important goal was to avoid alienating visitors who are not inherently involved with the plus size clothing community. We were able to achieve this by branding the company that both plus size and non-plus size visitors could relate to.

The Result

We developed a unified brand that spoke to a large demographic of style enthusiasts. The logo and branding were applied to all promotional material and website. We designed and implemented a website interface that could accommodate blogging, provide news and trend updates and inform enthusiasts of upcoming fashion events all over the world.