Our discovery meeting with JOBi Staffing was an insightful look into the staffing industry as a whole. We recognized their need to identify with a variety of industries while relating to the many workers that are the heart of those working sectors. The company needed to recruit workers, conduct background screenings and manage payroll processing. This would require unique branding with minimal aesthetics along with a seamless UI integration.

JOBi Staffing

One of their main goals was to present the characteristics that allows them to stand out as a unique staffing company even without specifically stating it in the copy. One of these important attributes is their exceptional time and consideration taken to understand each employee and their strengths. Their hiring process is not based upon experience and qualifications alone.

JOBi Staffing

They consider many more human factors that are most often not on applications giving them the greater ability to successfully match applicants with companies. Because of this, they have a standout track record of identifying these traits which have resulted in significant decreases in turnover rates.

Several studies were conducted. We looked at the competitive landscape and identified key factors that would streamline search efficiencies and highlight the companies offerings. After our research was concluded, we were able to meet the goals of stakeholders so that they could present their site to customers with an interface that was both easy to understand and relate to as well as being efficient to navigate.