web / branding

Jose Javier Rodriguez

We were approached to assist the Jose Javier Rodriguez Campaign and address all of the requirements needed for him to reach out to the diverse people of Southern Florida. We recognized the need to show the relevance of the candidates history, his connection to the people he represents and his desire to make a better community. Some of the main requirements for the site were that it needed to provide information on the candidate, his goals as a state representative and allow visitors to fill out demographic information and make campaign contributions.


Jose Javier has successfully raised working conditions and wages for working families; helped level the playing field for struggling small business owners; kept state and local governments from trampling on the rights of regular people; and enabled homeowners to keep their homes. His experiences even enabled him to draft and amend several good local laws which are now on the books.

We incorporated dialog from his speeches and other marketing literature. We planned photo shoots and enhanced the images for the site and other promo material. The final process involved unifying the branding across the entire campaign and defining the goals of the website. We provided copy in English and Spanish with the option to view the site in both languages. We also dedicated a page to outline the district he represents and a separate page for visitors to leave monetary contributions. As a result Jose Javier Rodriguez, a first time candidate, won the November election.