web / branding

Ivis PSC approached us with the goal for a revamped website to provide information on the support they offer to clients and a unified hub for their many employees. The project consists of logo and brand development which led to the creation of the Ivis PSC Website. The site features information on the services the company offers, client details and a login for employees.

Ivis PSC

One of the pain points the stakeholders communicated at the initial discovery meeting was that there was a large volume of data sent from clients and employees through the previous websites contact form and main corporate email address resulting in disorganized and misplaced internal documents. On their previous site, many of their employees would often go to the site in hopes of uploading time-sheets, communicating with office managers and downloading material from senior executives. It didn't take long for us to realize that a login was needed for their employees and clients that was dedicated to efficiently manage the otherwise disorganized influx of files.


Based on our discussions with the executives and their employees, we were able to identify the features that needed to be included for the revamped website. This resulted in the creation of a user login, a section focused on the goals of the company and what they provided to their customers, and careers page outlining their open positions. This resulted in better communication between staff and employers, streamlined file management and a much clearer outline of the services and path they are paving as a company.